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  1. Halloween Bedtime Stories

    October 19, 2023 by asteffann

    Not everyone enjoys the spooky season, but there’s definitely a dedicated group of sleepy story fans who enjoy a little atmosphere during October. If you like to drift off to a story that happens to be a little eerie, a little atmospheric, or even a little fall-festive, I’ve got some suggestions! All of these are also available via the podcast on whatever platform you prefer.

    The Night Carnival

    This masterful little story has been my addiction for the past few weeks. Those of us old enough to remember the Zoltar machine in the movie Big, or the creepy delights of Something Wicked This Way Comes will appreciate this gently eerie visit to a mysterious carnival in the dark. Read by show host Thomas Jones.

    Tabitha’s Night Out

    This one is especially for cat lovers. Travel along with sassy Tabitha, a black cat who spends Halloween night roaming her tree-lined neighborhood and observing all the human decorations and festivities. Narrated by the wonderful Heather Foster, from the POV of Tabitha.

    A Fall Festival in a Sleepy Town

    For people who love a pumpkin patch, visit the quiet town of Ember Rock and enjoy a cozy fall festival, featuring pumpkin carving, funnel cakes, roasted peanuts, and more. Narrated perfectly by Arif Hodzic.

    Legends of the Owls Head Light

    This one is for lovers of windswept cliffs and ghostly legacies. Sit by the fireside with lighthouse researcher Emma as her innkeeper tells her the actually-true amazing legends about a small white lighthouse perched on the coast of Maine. Voiced by the wonderful Abbe Opher.

    The Night of the Black Crows

    We’ve gotten our cat fix, but what about the witches? When I first started writing for Get Sleepy, I penned a retelling of a Grimm tale called The Six Swans. My version aired as Enchantment of the Swans, and it added a friendly black crow as a minor character. Several listeners commented, wanting to know what happened to the crow at the end of the story. I thought about that, and the result was this prequel, which delves into the backstory of the crow and the witch that it serves. The story culminates with a gathering of its family and a great flight over the landscape of All Hallows Eve. Just like Enchantment of the Swans, this is narrated by the ever-popular Thomas Jones.

    The Man Who Knew No Fear

    This new, extra-long episode (about 1 hr. 20 min) loosely adapts a fairytale that previously appeared in numerous versions. It’s about a boy who had never experienced fear, and his quest to win the heart and hand of an intelligent princess in a haunted castle. Just enough Halloween-style fun, without any serious scares! Read by Thomas Jones.

    Find more Halloween goodness on the Slumber App or in Premium Get Sleepy!

    Supporting the app or the podcast gives you access to even more stories from Halloweens past. There are some really good ones in there. For details, visit Get Sleepy or check out Slumber in your app store.

    Happy Halloween! Wishing you sweet October dreams.