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Online Writing Help

Whether your teen is in a traditional school setting or is being home schooled, you want them to be prepared for college writing. As a former high school teacher, I know classroom teachers are doing their best to help each student on a personal level. However, one-on-one feedback outside the classroom may provide the additional input a student needs in order to be prepared for college composition, as well as work in other disciplines beyond English. If you are home schooling, the input of an expert could help you decide what to focus on as your student nears college age.

On-Demand Help

As both an experienced college writing instructor and a prior high school English teacher, I have a unique perspective on how students’ current experiences may or may not be preparing them for the college curriculum. Furthermore, I know that the many activities and commitments families have may make it difficult to meet regularly with a local tutor for extra help with writing.

Meaningful and Thorough Feedback

I offer completely online writing help, as-needed. Whether you simply want help identifying what skills you should be fostering, or you need professional input and comments on a particular essay, I can provide that assistance in a timely and approachable manner, speaking either to you or directly to the student. Click here for an example of what the process would be for an hour’s worth of tutoring (all done via e-mail and phone) from beginning to end.

Online Writing Consultant

I provide these services at a rate comparable to local private tutoring, but with less ongoing commitment and minimal disruption to your schedule. I can help with:

  • Grammar and mechanics and resources for practicing them
  • Basic essay structure
  • Clarity in writing
  • Research basics, such as how to avoid plagiarism and how to paraphrase and quote
  • Various essay types, such as process analysis, personal narrative, and compare and contrast
  • Essays about literature
  • Basics of MLA formatting (utilized by many composition courses)

Free Consultation

Contact me to set up a complimentary discussion about how we could work together to help your student be well-prepared for the next step! I’m used to working with teens and adults at all levels of ability and am anxious to see how I can help you.