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Sleepy Stories for High Summer

July 6, 2024 by asteffann

I’m currently on the coast of Maine. I’m always happy to be here, but it’s a foggy, rainy day and it put me in the mood to share some of my favorite lazy-days-of-summer bedtime stories! After all, we’re not yet in the ready-for-pumpkin-spice part of the summer. The best part is still ahead of us! Yearning for that sleepy, warm feeling? Say no more. Here are a few to try.

Restful Days by the Sea

I based this story on a particular beach I love on the Maine coast, and it’s beautifully read by Heather Foster. You’ll follow along with two friends who have a room just blocks from the sand, in a vintage seaside hotel. Spend a lazy day with them, listening to the surf…

The Sleepy History of the Deck Chair

This fabulous historical piece was written by my colleague Jo Steer. Let show host Thomas Jones walk you through the surprisingly interesting history of the chair that has accompanied us all on many a summer adventure. I dare you to stay awake until the end!

A Swim at the Secret Quarry

This story is loosely based on a real quarry in New England, although I’ll never let on where it is! Travel along with Maddie as she spends a hot day enjoying the solitude of a swimming hole few people can find. Voiced by the soothing Vanessa Labrie.

Relaxing at the Victorian Seaside

If time travel is your thing, don’t miss this lovely trip to the Victorian seaside in England. Written by Jo Steer and beautifully narrated by the fabulous Simon Mattacks, it’s sure to make you forget your modern worries.

An Edwardian Garden Party in Bar Harbor

Voiced by the oh-so-soothing Arif Hodzic, this particular story has been very popular on the YouTube channel! This visualization will take you back in time from modern day Bar Harbor Maine, into its toney past, when the rich and famous relaxed together on the lawns of stately mansions.

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Wishing you a fabulous summer and many sweet dreams!

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