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Sleepy Stories about Ancient Rome

September 17, 2023 by asteffann

Are you thinking about ancient Rome so much that someone in your life shared you on TikTok? Apparently, this is more often true of men…or at least the social media buzz would have you believe that. Regardless, I have some great Get Sleepy stories to share with you on the topic! Check them out on YouTube.

The Emperor’s Villa

Live the good life with Hadrian at his country house! Narrated by show host Thomas Jones.

The Roman Festival of Floralia

Travel back via Get Sleepy’s popular Library of Time series, where you’ll learn all about the Roman festival and visit the temple of the goddess Flora. Narrated by Heather Foster.

For those of you who have considered the Get Sleepy premium subscription, I can tell you there’s another sleep story in there I love, called Exploring Roman Castleford.

The Ancient Rome fans in your life will thank you.

If you’re more interested in science fiction, check out this post about some great stories on space!

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